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Why was my receipt rejected?
Why was my receipt rejected?

Receipt. Denied. Rejected.

Written by Pär Öhman
Updated over a week ago

The most common reasons why the receipt has not been approved

  1. You have taken a photo of a mobile screen or computer screen. The camera function in the app is only for taking pictures of physical receipts or scanning barcodes.

  2. The image is blurred or unclear. If the receipt is wrinkled, it may be good to try to flatten it. Try to photograph the receipt directly from above to avoid the wrong focus.

  3. All the information on the receipt was not included. In order for us to ensure that everything is correct, the entire receipt must be visible with information about the store and all products.

  4. The receipt is too old. Before you take a photo or upload your receipt, the app will tell you what the maximum age of your receipt can be.

  5. You have bought the wrong product. It is not enough to buy a similar product. It must be the exact product included in the offer. This applies even if it is from the same company.

  6. The receipt has already been uploaded by another user. It is not allowed to upload the same receipt as another user.

  7. You have uploaded something that is not a receipt. It is easy to accidentally choose the wrong PDF to upload.

  8. The product was not included on the receipt.

  9. The receipt is folded. Unfortunately, it is not permitted to fold the receipt. If the receipt is too long, you may need to email us with clarifying pictures.

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