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How to upload a digital receipt
How to upload a digital receipt

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There are three ways to scan your receipts in the Rabble app. Either by photographing your receipt or by uploading the digital receipt as an image or as a PDF.

This guide will help you with digital receipts.

How to upload a PDF receipt

  1. Open the app and go to "Scan".

  2. Press "Select PDF or image".

  3. Tap either "Choose PDF" or "Choose from images".

How to download a PDF from a digital mailbox

By using a digital mailbox all your regular mails are digitalized. Whether you get your receipts in your email or in an app the process will be similar.


  1. Open the email with the desired receipt.

  2. Press the arrow in the bottom right corner.

  3. Press the option "Print".

  4. Press the square with an arrow in the top right corner.

  5. Press "Save in Files".

  6. Choose where you wanna save your PDF.


  1. Open the email with the desired receipt.

  2. Press the printer icon.

  3. Press "Save as PDF" or "Export as PDF".

  4. Choose where you wanna save your PDF.

(If you experience issues downloading your receipts you can always contact your digital mailbox provider and ask them how to download the PDF to your unit.)

Convert your images to PDF-files

There are several ways to convert images to PDF-files.


If you took a screenshot of your receipt, start by opening the image in your camera roll. At the bottom left is a symbol that looks like a box with an arrow pointing up. Click on it. Next, find "Print". Then you press the box with the arrow in it, which is now up in the right corner. Then you can press "Save in Files" and there you can choose where to save the file, which will now become a PDF.


In the camera roll of your phone, select your receipt and press "Share". Then download the image as a PDF. Depending on your smartphone model, you can find the download button under "Print".

You can also use a PDF converter app. There are many different PDF converter apps that you can find and download from Google Play.


On the new update of the Willys app, you can no longer download the receipt as a PDF. You can then instead go to via the browser on your phone and download the receipt. Log in to your account and find your receipt. Then tap the share icon and choose where you want to save your digital receipt.

Upload a screenshot

Take a screenshot of the receipt or order confirmation. Then enter the app and tap "Scan". Then press "Choose PDF or image". Then press "Choose from images". Then select which image you want to upload.

Don't forget that all necessary information must be included in the screenshot.

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